Windows 8 could reduce UI interface in future embedded versions

The UI interface (formerly known as Metro) for Windows 8, has generated much controversy. Conceived as an interface for touch devices, the new operating system has not been well received, with a small market share, 4 months after its launch. However, the problems generated by the UI interface could be resolved, the hand of Microsoft itself.

Windows 8 Embedded version

The hope lies in the changes that Windows 8 Embedded version, which would come out in late March; allow users to remove some or most of UI. Such embedded variants are used in contexts where certain features are not needed for an OS to be reduced to a minimum, such as ATM (automated teller machines), suppliers, outlets, computer kiosks or some consoles and video games machines.

The gestures of Windows 8 and some menus, such as the famous Charms Bar, could be removed to give more fluidity to the operating system and the device you use. Apparently, it would benefit the sale in a few months a Retail Windows 8 embedded version, which focuses more on generic hardware to hardware and not as specific as a tablet.

This is good news for Windows 8, and it would raise its market share significantly, if it is able to eliminate much of the entire UI interface. New touch panels are still very expensive and are not suitable for use by most consumers who want to run the new OS from traditional computers.

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