Windows Live Mesh ends on February 13

From next February 13, Windows Live Mesh will cease to exist. Microsoft has informed service subscribers to be passed to SkyDrive, although some of the basic features of Live Mesh will not be retained.

Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Mesh is a tool created to share files between Windows and Mac OS X, in addition to providing remote access. It had started to operate in April 2008, after that Microsoft will do with the property of FolderShare, purchased ByteTaxi Inc, being improved later by Microsoft.

Microsoft announced that Live Mesh popularity was not exactly high, since to date only had 25,000 active users, against more than 200 million people currently using SkyDrive.

While users can still share Mesh files through the cloud, the remote desktop feature is no longer available to them. Microsoft has instructed Mesh users to spend files to Skydrive, and has even recommended LogMeIn Pro program to access remote PCs.

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