Windows Live Messenger completely integrate Skype

It has passed a lot of water under the bridge since Windows Live Messenger was the client of messaging and of chat more utilized in the network. Replaced by other mass media in The Cloud, Microsoft has seen to languish “to the Messenger” increasingly, although still counts on a base of numerous users.

Windows Live Messenger

However, it seems that Microsoft is going to move with respect to the Messenger tab and merged it with the Skype service, of which also they are proprietary. Somehow, there will be something of Messenger in upcoming editions of Skype.

In fact, in recent times the integration either already begun to see. To log into Skype is possible with Messenger account, in addition to Facebook. Messenger has also started to manage Skype text messages, stored on it own servers.

It is said that this week there will be developments. The idea of integration makes perfect sense, when the number of Skype users far exceeds the Messenger users, a service that we can qualify as legendary in the history of the Net.

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