Windows Post-Install Wizard: a Windows installer with all your programs

Windows Post-Install Wizard is a program that will arm the Windows installation DVD as with all programs, settings and applications that we use regularly.

Windows Post-Install Wizard

The task of installing Windows from scratch is not easy or quick, because after a new installation will have to hunt to find the programs that we had installed on the computer, if we want to remain as it was before. Instead of downloading one by one application, it is good idea to embed them in the Windows installation DVD, so as to install everything at once next time.

To do this, we have a program called Windows Post-Install Wizard. The idea is that the program compiles program data and settings on the new DVD, so that everything is installed in an automated manner; once the installation is complete, we will be ready to use Windows software with all the programs that we use regularly, configurations and drivers, avoiding the work of having to search for them one by one.

Windows Post-Install Wizard is not as easy as it sounds. The amount of options to integrate the new Windows all programs that have already installed, is very broad and can be a lengthy process but ultimately worth it, because in the following OS facilities will save us a lot of work. You should take the time to see step by step each of the options to meet with surprises or any program that does not work then.

The program is free, so you can use it freely. One downside is that it is not clear whether we will also have the possibility of using it with a Windows Installable from USB or only from CD/DVD.

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