Windows Vista will be supported until 2017

Good news for those who still are Windows Vista users, since Microsoft has confirmed that the operating system will continue to have support extended by 5 years, specifically to the year 2017, despite the fact that the main support will expire on April 10 this year.

Windows Vista

The extended support will ensure that users of Vista, in Business and Enterprise versions, will be with patches and updates in the field of security, although obviously, will not have updates that improve the functionality of the OS.

However, there has been no information on the Home versions, Ultimate, SP1 or SP2; at the moment, these versions of Vista would not already with extended support, trying to force users other than companies, to change the operating system. Remember that Vista was introduced in early 2007.

With the early appearance of Windows 8 will still continue to support Windows XP and Office, up to version 2003 to 2014.

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