WinPatrol: Full control over Windows

The Windows User Account Control (UAC) notifies us when a program makes changes for our account on the computer, being a very useful safety feature, although criticized by the degree of intrusion that is when we are doing tasks that we know are safe, before UAC prompts have to interrupt what we’re doing to allow changes in the system.


However, some changes are not under the control of UAC, which could go unnoticed by us. WinPatrol is a program that will help us not only to have under control changes that UAC does not detect or not announce, but we can make some additional changes. For example, we can better manage the programs that start with Windows startup, services or changes to the registry, among other things.

WinPatrol really gives us a more comprehensive registry keys to access Windows services and msconfig, all from one place. We could not have it and manage the system using individual entries, but it is much easier for non-experts to do so in one place. Given that WinPatrol is a free program with a full paid version, the features of the free version are numerous and too many for the enthusiast who wants to maintain the proper functioning of computer.

WinPatrol is not new, in fact already has 15 years of life and has been one of the first programs of security that has had Windows, in addition to being the first program to detect changes in the system due to Zero-day attacks and infiltrations. It works on all Windows, from XP, and even 64 bits.

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