Winstep Nexus: The most advanced Windows Dock

Anyone who used a Mac will know that your operating system is geared towards ease of use, something quite unique in this system is undoubtedly the Dock, it is quite beautiful and functional.

Winstep Nexus

On the other hand, since Windows 7 we have a bar that is intended to provide similar functionality but in fact looks pretty outdated, so that if we have something similar to the Dock of Mac it is best to use something like Nexus.

If you are longing for some time made a decent Dock for Windows in order to change and get rid of a good time on the taskbar Winstep Nexus is for you, this application includes the necessary characteristics to become the definitive Dock for Windows.

Once installed the Dock by default the appearance could not be the most pleasant, but switching to another item, the interface tends to improve a lot. Once located each of the options, you can decide which icons you want to have in the Dock, here of course are included the most common shortcuts such as the climate, the web browser, a client of mail, our favorite player, etc…

Of course we can add to Nexus any folder or application, but also have the opportunity to include different types of inputs such as special modules to be aware of the use of CPU, memory, internet signal and more. The interesting thing here is that even we will enable the icons on the taskbar so that nothing is lost usability to which we are accustomed.

The possibilities of personalization are quite extensive and you can really have some fun trying each one of them. Also, for those of us who still want more, there is a much more complete version called Nexus Ultimate which has a cost of $ 24.95 dollars (just under €19) which includes support for using multiple Docks and sub-docks and other variants.

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