WinX Video Converter is the easiest way to convert videos

Do you want to convert video into a format compatible with your phone, computer or DVD player? It sometimes happens that a format does not want to be recognized and there comes in a simple, fast and effective program for converting between different formats: WinX Video Converter.

WinX Video Converter

The first step will be to choose the video you want to convert and add it to the list of the program. Its interface is very simple and fast, allowing even convert multiple videos at once, everything depends on the number of files included in our list of conversion.

Then have to choose the output format, and here we will find different possibilities, the most important: MOV, FLV, MP4, MPEG, WMV and AVI, among others. You can also choose to convert the video into a MP3 audio file, excellent to extract the soundtrack series or movie or a song from a video clip.

Once you choose the output format will have different options according to the format settings. The audio quality and affect the final size of the file, but keep in mind this is an important factor to better enjoy the overall experience of video.

We can also choose details such as resolution and codec of choice. Once we have determined these features and ready to start the conversion. When the progress bar indicates 100% we will have our video ready by WinX Video Converter.

The program also includes a basic editing tool to cut out portions of the video. This is particularly useful in case we want to have only part of the video is available in our gallery.

Best of WinX Video Converter is that it is a very simple program. Its interface is very straightforward and clear options to the point that without a tutorial you can start to convert videos in seconds.

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