Wishbone, a touch-free thermometer

Thanks to crowfunding platforms we have seen various options of smart thermometers that are connected to our smartphones, but Wishbone is a device that includes a somewhat different from the other technology, since it does not require contact of the device with the skin for proper operation. It also has other uses, so it can make really useful in our day to day.


Wishbone is a project that is seeking funding through Kickstarter and has several interesting ideas that have been put in place. First of all its design, which is shaped like a Y to place the thermometer in the smartphone and can still see the screen without problem and without having to tilt the device to see the results shows.

It features a passive infrared sensor, which can capture the temperature being of 3-5 inches away from object, which may be the head of a person, any liquid or ambient temperature. Thanks to this we can know the temperature of a room, or know for example the temperature of the milk before taking it.

This device is compatible with both iOS and Android as it connects through the smartphone audio jack. As a sticks, as for port Jack cannot receive charge, this thermometer has its own batteries to operate. Everyone who wants to get one of these thermometers can make it through Kickstarter for only $26.

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