With Google Chrome view saved passwords easiest thing in the world

These days we talk about safety and how to avoid being spied on all activities performed on the web, we see incredible news from the Chrome browser. And it is as easy access to the passwords stored in the browser that does not need to be a hacker to discover them.

Google Chrome view saved passwords

This is a feature that has been around forever in Chrome, hidden in the advanced configuration options. By accessing the password manager, also will access all passwords that have been written in the browser since it was installed. At first glance, they are hidden passwords, but Google has made ​​a move “master” on his part, and that is if we click on each entry we will get the Show button to display the passwords.

To check, we will Personalization and Control (top right of the screen), Settings, Advanced options (at the end of the page) and Passwords and forms, we walked to manage stored passwords.

As mentioned, all versions of Chrome have always had this “feature”, so do not discover anything new. But what is more serious is that Google has not done anything to give you a solution, but for them it is a feature of the browser. Physically Access to the computer is the only thing that is needed for someone to win access to all your passwords. And while in other browsers it is possible to physically access them, we need to give more steps to arrive at the list of passwords that is so easily Chrome serves them on a platter to those who access our computer, either remotely or physically at the computer.

The security response manager of Google Chrome has been that the company does not want to give a false sense of security to its users (sic) and that although passwords are protected once gained access to the computer is relatively easy for a hacker find them. He also mentions that Chrome developers have repeatedly discussed the implementation of a master password (as in Firefox), but have decided not to use it for now.

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