WizTree: discover what files take up more disk space

A good way to know which files are occupying more space on your hard drive is to use special programs that analyze the extension of all files that store. The problem is that these disk reads will be delayed more than we would be willing to wait if many GB disks.


There comes WizTree, a program that will tell us which files are occupying more disk space, so that we can delete them if they are doing an optimization of our system, cleaning the disk, and so on. WizTree has access to the NTFS master file table systems, the MFT is a special code reserved for the system, which only has access WizTree, so the readings are much faster than with any other similar program.

From the WizTree interface you can find 1,000 files or folders that occupy more space on your computer and, if necessary, you can delete them, move them between folders using options in the right, or enter directly to edit folders that have more files.

For those who simply want to use it out of curiosity and others who want to delete large files left behind by programs that have already been uninstalled.

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