WordPress 4.2.4: An update that fixes critical bugs

WordPress is a fairly safe CMS that stands out not only by the large amount of utilities that it have, but also because there is an extremely large community that is always working to improve and perfect. Of course, there are occasions in which security failures cause that everyone in alarm. The good thing about this kind of application is that, in a short time, settled the defects that are found. The same thing has happened on WordPress.

wordpress update

Recently, several of the collaborators of the CMS have found serious vulnerabilities that have led to the release of this version, 4.2.4, which helps to avoid problems in the system. As announced by the teams have closed six grave faults, including one that would allow SQL injection, engaging all affected websites.

The upgrade is minimal; we could say that maintenance, but enough that discarding the problems encountered and being able to use WordPress without major problems. Notifications already are being sent to all installations, meaning they receive a notice of new update. We recommend to you to implement it as soon as possible because otherwise you will be exposed to several extremely serious security flaws.

Moreover, mentioning that WordPress version 4.3 has already reached its Release Candidate 1. An edition that lets you test the new features to be implemented but, on the contrary, it is not recommended for systems in production (somewhat normal). Do not forget upgrading to 4.2.4 as soon as possible. You will avoid headaches.

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