Work online with Microsoft Office tools

In some situations we need to work with Word documents, Excel or PowerPoint but do not have them installed on the computer that we are currently using. A simple alternative is to use other tools but have recently looked at people who feel very uncomfortable out of Office and this represents a serious setback so for them and all that interests about the possibility of using Office online from our browser.

Office Online

Not exactly like the desktop version but Microsoft Office Online has available to work with OneDrive. To use it we just have to access Office Online, sign in with a Microsoft account and start to work with the most common tools of the suite of Microsoft.

This online version has some limitations but we can do our usual tasks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or work with other tools such as calendar or OneNote. If we still want an easier option and we are of Chrome users will also want to know that Office Online is available in the Chrome Store from a few weeks ago.

This version of the Chrome Store brings nothing new about access through the website of Office Online but integrates these tools into our browser. To do this we simply have to add still available Word Online, Online OneNote and PowerPoint Online.

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