Writefull: writing assistant that helps us to improve our texts

To all who need usually write texts, especially in a language that is not ours as English, we tend to assault the doubt in some situations because we do not know the right word for the context or are not sure if what we are writing is right. Google searches tend to be our ally in this case but now we can also use Writefull, an application that will help us improve our texts.


Writefull is an application that was already popular among Mac users but which is now also available on Windows. This application also uses the Google search as a mechanism to view the best options for our texts but automates the process so that we can find solutions faster.

Writefull operation is simple. We simply install it and when we have any doubts about a text select it and open the Writefull options menu for example with ‘Control + SPACEBAR’.

Among the options offered by the application is to check the number of times that our selection is on Google (the higher the number the more likely it is a correct construction), to compare between two options that we doubt or show examples of use. Two other interesting options are the suggestion options (can we leave a gap in a sentence tagging it with * and the system will tell you the words that most frequently appear there) or the suggestion of synonyms can our texts rich and attractive.

In this link you can see different examples of use of the application has various usage plans. The free searches in Google Books but is limited to sentences of up to five words. The paid version can do searches in Google Books or on the web and is paid by number of consultations (there are plans of 100, 500 and 1000 consultations for price of 2, 8 and 12 dollars respectively).

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