Wunderlist 3 is now available

We continue reviewing tools that will be useful for organizing tasks and improve productivity and today we look at Wunderlist. The Version 3 of this popular task management tool is available after which according to its creators has been the most significant update to its development cycle.


For those who have not used Wunderlist, this is a very useful tool with free and professional versions that focuses on the concept of task lists that can be private, shared and, since the last update, public. These lists are synchronized across all our devices. Wunderlist is available on the web and so can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Kindle Fire devices.

In its latest update Wunderlist has included up to 60 improvements. These include an improved interface as well as a new synchronization mechanism more efficient which makes playlists to be synchronized in all our devices more quickly.

So far Wunderlist allowed to manage private and shared with other users. From now there is also the possibility of working with public lists that can be used to share knowledge, tastes or recommendations.

Wunderlist maintains its Pro version but the utilities included in this plan can be used for free with some limitations that have to do with the size of the files assigned which lasts for a maximum of 5MB in the free version, the maximum number of people assigned to a shared list which is 10 and created subtasks which is limited to 25.

All these limitations disappear with the Pro version that costs 4.99 euros per month. Wunderlist utilities related to notes, notifications, reminders, etc. are available to all users without limitations.

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