Xp-AntiSpy: Disables most dangerous features of Windows XP

There are three months for Microsoft close a cycle, the end of official support to Windows XP, the OS that refuses to die, with a high percentage of users that still use it. If you are one of those who want to keep using XP beyond the end of official support, Xp-AntiSpy will help you disable some features that are considered dangerous.


Some of these features to disable are services, others are default XP features such as download codecs automatically, disabling Windows Update or disabling some programs that no longer have reason to be, as the old Messenger. If you had to do it one by one, would take you several hours to configure each of these features, but with Xp-AntiSpy everything is a matter of minutes and check or uncheck the boxes.

The amount of options that can be changed or disabled is extensive, leaving the OS a little more protected than before, to modify the most dangerous options, activated, can be dangerous in the hands of hackers. One thing to note it is also available for Windows 7 and Vista.

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