Yahoo! closes some of its services

The fate and progress of Internet technologies has not been too kind to Yahoo!, former ruler of the first search engines and messaging programs. Not have been able to compete head to head with similar competitive products, so slowly the company has begun a steep decline that has not stopped even in more recent times, when the company has started a new policy of renewal.

yahoo close services

As part of this policy, Yahoo! announces it will close some of its services. Specifically, there will be four of their most popular services will close or remain unchanged background. They are, the Yahoo! public chat, Pingbox, interoperability of Yahoo! Messenger with Windows Live Messenger and Phone in and Phone Out service.

The chat service will close permanently on 14 December while Pingbox stop working in the Yahoo! Messenger on the same day. Those using the Yahoo! Messenger to communicate with your contacts in Windows Live Messenger, it will be grayed out from December 14; although that will still see in contact list, no longer possible to send messages to them.

Those who are using the Yahoo! phone service may not do after the January 30, 2013. Users can not add more credit to their accounts and those who added before the end of January, will receive the money back from Yahoo!

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