Yahoo! Mail integrates Dropbox in its service

The most popular online email accounts are Outlook (Hotmail) and Gmail. The Yahoo mail has not yet gotten the number of users that the company wants, and that is why they have decided to bet hard to get take away prominence to Gmail and Outlook.

Yahoo Mail Dropbox

Precisely for this reason the people of Yahoo, has decided to integrate their mail service Dropbox platform, which will be achieved more easily, attach files to emails.

As mentioned, Yahoo is the third most widely used email service in the world, but recently has been losing more and more users. So and to counter this, have announced on their corporate blog that will complement their offerings with Dropbox.

This is intended that the two companies are winners. Dropbox, which is of the world’s most widely, used cloud storage service, could get new users and Yahoo get improve their service which they hope to recruit new members. And all this finely benefits us, the users.

With this agreement, now, we can attach files larger than 25 megabytes to our emails, save files received by mail from Yahoo! Mail in the Dropbox cloud, and attach files from Dropbox in our mails.

If you already have an account on Yahoo this will improve the use of your service, and if you have not there is now one more reason you can create one. Since this new service, the task of attaching files is going to get easier.

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