Yahoo unveils a total renovation of its webmail service

Yahoo reported new applications for iPhone and Android, as well as a new interface for the PC version of its mail services, which now are faster and easier to navigate

yahoo applications

New versions for tablet and mobile mail service of Yahoo and an enhanced interface for desktop computers, has been the announcement made by the American company. Yahoo has been one of the most popular companies on the network a few years ago, even though their service of mail is placed third in popularity according to ComScore.

The reason for the new approach of Yahoo and the deployment of new services is simple: in the month of November, the only users of Yahoo declined by 16% compared with November of last year; some analysts believe that the use of mobile platforms on the part of young users is more focused on the text services, instead of the email.

Yahoo’s new ads have included a new application exclusively for iPhone, as well as a renewal application for Android. The version designed for tablets and PC is intended for users of Windows 8.

In general terms has been redesigned Yahoo Mail to prioritize the speed; it was announced that navigate through all the e-mails faster than ever before, and that the inbox more intuitive than in other versions. The same changes also accompany the new mobile versions.

The aim of Yahoo from now is to become the service of choice for users of phones and tablets, as the future of email usage will be dominated by these devices, according to executives.

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