You can buy Windows 10 in a pen drive

With the advent of digital, many have been those who have tried to dispense as far as possible from the known physical disks. Take up space, they are limited and not particularly comfortable when storing information or having to move them. It has also caused many problems: for example, to install some programs are forced to use them.

Windows 10 in a pen drive

With Windows 10 will get benefits even in the way it is distributed. Although the physical format is interested in the guys from Microsoft, they also want users who don’t have readers from accessing the expected package. For example, the operating system can be downloaded from the official website of the company, giving new possibilities.

But that’s not the most interesting novelty. Microsoft has confirmed that the possibility will give users buy Windows 10 in pen drives. If you do not have DVD players, it would be interesting to install the operating system using USB memory. Something that also is significantly faster than traditional formats. And you will save space. At the moment we don’t know if the price will change or not. We have to wait for more details.

We can not forget to mention that there are thousands of users who currently have no supports to read discs, so USB pen drive is the only available physical option. In fact, we do not rule out that in future the majority of applications, programs and software packages are sold this way.

Windows 10 will go on sale next July 29. We look forward to the new possibility that has been announced.

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