YouTube Kids, in trouble for inappropriate content

As you know, Youtube Kids is a version of Youtube dedicated to the youngest members of the house. The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store, giving the ability to access content for children completely free of charge. However, the fact that the users who uploaded the material may also lead to problems.

youtube kids

The inappropriate content has not done much to expect. According to The Wall Street Journal, it has been a few days ago when content has been detected “extremely disturbing and/or potentially dangerous for children”. The alarms have jumped because it is elements that could seriously harm the children to see.

According to a research carried out recently, have been able to find videos with explicit sexual content, jokes about pedophilia and drug use, adult discussions on violence, pornography and suicide of children, among others. Clearly, the respective notices have already been issued, which are being revised to take appropriate measures. The details about them are private, but expect more information soon.

The simply find dangerous content on Youtube Kids is something that scares anyone. The application was designed to access videos adapted for children, so it is more likely that Youtube get down to work in order to remedy the situation as soon as possible. For us it is something to be careful. The damage that can be done is numerous. Better be careful.

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