YouTube Options for Chrome: extension that enhances the experience of watching videos on YouTube

If you are regulars to watch videos on YouTube every day, you know that this site has many ‘discomfort’, or things that do not really provide much. So this time we want to present an extension for Chrome called YouTube Options for Google Chrome that will be possible to eliminate advertising, annotations, comments, recommendations and more.

YouTube Options for Google Chrome

Although through different extensions you can modify the appearance and the feature of YouTube, YouTube Options is the holistic approach that will allow us to modify what we always wanted, and all with a few simple clicks.

With this extension we can:

  • Check and set the size and quality of the videos.
  • Hide advertising and endorsements.
  • Disable autoplay, so the video will load but will not play to try.
  • Enable loop playback, this every time a video is finished.
  • Hide the header, description, comments, suggested videos, footnotes and lists.
  • Automatically expand the description of the video.
  • Change the background color to a more tenuous or opt for a completely dark.
  • Ability to download videos from YouTube.
  • And much more.

Also something interesting is that these options only work on YouTube, but also can be enabled on Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Hulu and many other sites also. That’s why this extension is recommended for all fans of YouTube using Google Chrome.

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